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05/01/2011 | Step 3: San Miguel de Tucuman – San Salvador de Jujuy great Stage for Lazard

Tuesday January 4
Step 3: San Miguel de Tucuman – San Salvador de Jujuy


Stage 3 … accomplished, Laurent departed from the position 156 and arrived in the position 70, in the general remained in the post 91 from more than 3 hours of the leader(Marc Coma), tomorrow(wednesday 5 stage 4) is another day to pick up a little bit more!
Laurent every day this race! yesterday had problems with the gearbox and made a tour of over 700 km in 4th speed! that the lag to the 156th position so long in stage 3 and ended in the post 70 …, came the day before a fall … the Dakar ends on January 15 and continues in his SHERCO Laurent!

04/01/2011 | Stage 2 problems for Laurent Lazard with the gear box

January 3

Stage 2: Córdoba – San Miguel de Tucumán

Laurent Lazard behind


Laurent Lazard had some problems with the gear box and lost precious time, finishing in the 160th position, 1h 48´07´´ from today´s leader. The French-Uruguayan rider takes then the 128th place overall.
“I broke the gear box at km 18, and I had to run all timed section in 4th. I´m glad to be at the finish, but I rode slowly for 700 km!
But for tomorrow´s stage we are going to change the engine, because I have to be there to support David.
Tomorrow I start 160th, it bothers me being so far from David, but I´ll go calmly. I hope to climb day by day. From tomorrow, I hope to get to the first 50s. I will have to overtake quads and bikes in the dust, but my wounds are better, and it´s important to be there for David.”
Next Stage….
January 4

Stage 3: San Miguel de Tucumán – San Salvador de Jujuy

02/01/2011 | Stage 1 Victoria – Cordoba acomplished…


Laurent Lazard keeps rolling smoothly after his fall during the first road connection on Saturday afternoon. “I had a slip while riding at 100km/h and I my bottom and my arm.

Nothing broke, but my skin is gone,” tells the French-Uruguayan rider.
That is why today, he took the special section at a calmed pace. “I didn´t take the any risks, but I really enjoyed riding in my Sherco, it was very nice.”

The motivation of Laurent Lazard wasn´t hurt by the small accident. “These are things that happen.

Now I feel better and… I´m a little bit disappointed for the bike and for the great team we have. I hope my injuries will dry in two or three days!”