D-1… the time for scrutineering!

After finally arriving in Laâyoune, between the Atlantic, the sun and the heat, the competitors of the AMV Shamrock-Rallye du Maroc 2008 have entered this morning the last stage of preparation with the administrative and technical checks. Tomorrow is when the action begins! At 7H15 A.M., the first bikes will start on the first leg, named« Dromadaire »(camel). Sensations guaranteed with an extremely varied track, very African, in the amazing landscape of the occidental Sahara.


In a laid-back and convivial atmosphere, just a few yards from the huge Laâyoune beach, the administrative and technical checks were conducted with enthusiasm. For the ones used to it, an occasion to joke and tell old stories; for the newbies, more agitation and lots of questions.

Cars, bikes, quads, SSV and trucks have put on the war paint and are getting ready to fight for it on the track. Tomorrow they will be let loose and the serious stuff will begin. After a 54 km liaison, the first leg will be a quality warm-up. On the 257 km special, to be run in two laps, everyone will be able to get his/her bearings.
After a 30 mn break between the two laps at the service parc, the competitors will start the second lap.

For the bikes the game is going to be a close one. For David Frétigné, Thierry Bethys, Michel Marchini and Michaël Pisano, the battle is for the top of the chart.
In the cars, facing Jean-Louis Schlesser, Leonid Novitskiy, Etienne Smulevici, Régis Delahaye, Pascal Boutet or Jean-Noël Julien will fight hard for the first ranks, while in the production category Ronan Chabot will have to stay ahead of a dozen highly motivated opponents.
For the quads, Jean-Christophe Ménard, winner in the 2007 Shamrock, Climent Vicent and Vincent Albira are ready, as are SSV drivers Alain Fricker, Frédéric Alard, Samuel Lecomte and Richard Doux. Finally, in the trucks, Elisabete Jacinto and Bruno Bouey will be firing at close range.

C.E.O. for NPO Stéphane Clair, on the days before the event, wants to encourage all the participants and to thank the often forgotten officials, medics, volunteers, controllers and other keepers of a race’s safety and sports ethics, all part of this AMV Shamrock-Rallye du Maroc 2008.

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