Eduardo Alan: “I want to finish first Argentinian”

No Argentinian has ever managed on a bike to finish the Dakar. Alan dreams of being the first in the history books: “I have no ambition concerning the overall but I do want to finish as the first Argentinian”. A challenge against the six other bikers motivated by the adventure and the recognition of the sky blue and white nation. But Alan Eduardo’s ambition isn’t only personal. With friends including Laurent Lazard, he launched the ‘Pampa Racing’ team, a structure that should help make the race more popular in Argentina and start new vocations. His didn’t coime early. Eduardo first started by playing rugby at the ‘Deportiva Francesa’ club, and also tried out athletics as well as being a first aid specialist. But biking eventually became his main passion, sweeping all other disciplines aside. At 25 years of age, he travelled through Patagonia: his first real adventure. At 27, with a friend, he tried Europe where he bought a bike before cruising for thousands of kilometres all the way to Morocco where he discovered sand, bivouacs and how to use a compas. Finally in 1998, he seriously started considering the Dakar without going further than the registration forms. But the process had started: Eduardo met Laurent Lazard, David Casteu and others, listened to their stories and decided to act: “I ride more and more”. For his first appearance, Eduardo has put all the chances on his side and prepared his adventure carefully after managing a good 25th position during the last rally of Tunisia.

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