4e étape : RAS EL OUED – DERJ (Libye)
Transfert : 2 km – Spéciale : 288 km – Liaison : 292 km -Total : 582 km

_« I rode 100 km in the dust of Munaglioli and I couldn’t overtake him, said Ludo at the finish line. At km 150, I had to stop to have a pee and after I was tired and not concentrated. Until the refueling I rode badly but after I felt better.
I’m quite happy because I didn’t made any navigation mistake but this special was really hard for the physic. »_

5e étape : DERJ (Libye) – OUBARI (Libye)
Liaison : 61 km – Spéciale : 563 km – Total : 624 km

_The participants were in the first part of the marathon stage when Ludo Boinnard crashed in the dunes. The bike felt down on his foot and the doctors at the bivouac diagnosted a probably hankle’s fracture.
Today he will be transported in a hotel in Sebba to wait the plane for

France where he will be completely checked.The second part of the marathon stage is cancelled because of the hard sand wind blowing on the top of the dunes._  


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