The first half of the marathon stage proofed very popular with the competitors. Sadly, today the second half between Oubari and Brack had to be neutralised. During the night a violent storm started to blow at the bivouac in Oubari making the crests of the dunes very difficult to see. This morning the decision was taken, in consultation with the competitors, to neutralise the special and send everybody to the bivouac in Brack by road. And for many, a bit of rest was very welcome after yesterday’s excursions.

Yesterday only two bikes and a few cars failed to reach the bivouac in Oubari and were forced to spend the night out in the dunes. Located by the organisers in the evening, Stephane Clair went out early this morning to serve them a breakfast – room service in the desert!

After a night shaken by the wind, this morning at 9h00 the competitors went to see the organisation and and race directors and asked for the special to be neutralised due to the poor visibility in the dunes that awaited them.

A wise decision, as tomorrow, after having repaired both man and machine, everyone can set off again for the five remaining stages.

OrlandoTerranova in the cars and Marc Coma on the bikes, race leader will have take great care against some extremely motivated challengers.

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