Today start Rally Dos Sertoes. Lazard(4) Almeida(208)

The Off Road Team integrated for the Uruguayan rider Laurent Lazard(#4), the Colombian Antonio Narino (#52), and the Uruguayan Mauro Almeida (#208), they going to participate in the 18 edition of Rally Dos Sertoes.

This race conformed in 10 days, from 10 to 21 of August, they going to participate from many Countries ….235 competitors
in 155 vehicles, 70 motorcycles, 15 four wheelers, 60 cars,and 10 trucks

in the list bigger than 2009 edition 11 countries plus Brasil going to say present, In the course of almost 4500 kilometers, with high of 52.7% of marked route
by timed, Argentinian, Belgian, Chilean, Spanish, French, Holland,
American, Portuguese, South Africans, Venezuelans and Uruguayans fight
with the Brazilians to win the title. Competitors will cross six
States: Goiás, Minas Gerais, Tocantins, Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará, four of the five regions
dividing Brazil, Midwest, Southeast, North and Northeast.

Among the main foreign names on two wheels highlight the Spanish Marc Coma
triple world champion (2005/06/07) Cross Country Rally and the legendary Dakar champion (2006/09)
and Frenchman David Casteau among Europeans.
All Off Road Uruguay team has been working on bikes Monday to letting go
everything in order for those who will be the first step Tuesday.

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