Stage 4 San Salvador de Jujuy – Calama

The Dakar has left Argentina and crossed the Andes Mountains by the Paso de Jama. After a passage over 4800 m above the sea level, the Dakar enters the Atacama Desert in Chile, and the first off road sections that go with it. After a long road connection (554 km), the start of the timed section of 207 km was given at 3300 m altitude.


Laurent Lazard keeps climbing up
60th, 40´22´´ from the winner, Laurent is 76th overall, 3h59´51´´ from the leader. Victim of a broken gear box on Monday, our Sherco rider joined the bivouac late and went back in the peloton. Tuesday he climbed to 90th, and he keeps on going:
“It´s all right, I climb slowly. It´s dangerous because there is lots of dust and I lose too much time. I did 100 km behind a quad, and then I was able to overtake 7 or 8 bikes. Yesterday I started 180th, it was so much trouble, I overtook between 70 or 80 bikes during the special, and it was dangerous. But anyways, I´m glad, I keep climbing up.”
Fortunately, the moral is fine and Laurent waits impatiently for the Atacama Desert:
“Tomorrow, we get into the desert and it will be better for everybody. I´ll try to keep climbing up as fast as I can to get closer to David.”

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